I'm still not going to be able to get everything that I wanted up this week either guys. But good news...the internet guy comes tomorrow! (How did I make it a week without checking my email or the votes or anything even once?!?) So over the next few days I should get all the links and tutorials and everything up from the last few weeks.

The winner of our "dress up" challenge was Shilo with her Magnetic Paper Dolls. I have those at the top of my "To Do" list for a quiet activity for Abbi.

But we had to say goodbye to Ann @ DecoMod Studio. If you haven't been to her site yet, go now and keep checking back. Her stuff is super cool. I love all of it!

This weeks theme is "Scientific". Vote for your favorite on the poll in the sidebar before Friday night at 9 pm MST.


Craft #1 - Fab Science lab

Kids will love pretending they are scientists with this fun and easy-to-make science lab.

Best part? The whole thing cost less than $10 to make!

All you need is a tri-fold science fair board, some decorative paper, and a bunch of empty cardboard boxes.

The science fair board cost just under $5. In addition, I set a budget of $5 for "scientific" items to add to the board. I let whatever items I found dictate what I put on the board.

The "test tubes" are bubble wands that I cleaned and filled with colored water. The "test tube holder" is an empty Capri Sun box. I already had the "potion" bottles. You could also use empty soda bottles. I already had masks and gloves.

I purchased the "tubes" for 29 cents. They were a part of a sand art kit. I already had droppers. I think the notepad adds a nice touch.

I used a scrap piece of cork for the note board. The "probes" are knitting needles that I found on clearance for 99 cents for the whole set. The "specimen" tray is a mini shoe box lid.

This makes a great project for the summer months. Kids can spend hours and hours using their imagination in their very own lab!
Craft #2 - Binocular Onesies

Get your kids interested in science right from the beginning! Get them their own pair of binoculars (onesie) and let them go out searching for different species of birds!

It's never too early to teach them about the world we live in and what better way than exploring things up close with these binoculars.

Okay, so maybe kids can be too young to use these binoculars, but this fun onesie is a unique way to share your love of nature with your new baby.

Craft #3 - Toddlers Science Discovery Toy

Introducing scientific concepts to children should be fun. I have designed an activity toy for young children that lets them practice shape identification, counting, colors, and using their hands for fine motor skills. Math skills are the basis of all science. Why not start early to instill a love of learning?

This toy has four pieces, which all nest inside each other. Each piece is labeled with the shape's name. The star fits into the triangle, which is opened with button tabs. The triangle fits into the circle which has 3 snaps to keep it closed (which serendipitously are also circles). The circle fits into the square which has a zipper closure.

I designed simple appliques on the back of the square and circle which reinforce the shape concept, and provide opportunities to count and identify colors. All three larger shape pouches are fully lined. The star has batting sandwiched inside it, and a fun grommet detail with grosgrain ribbon pull.

The Toddler's Science Discovery Toy is perfect to take to church, appointments, or anytime you need a quiet activity that will keep your child's attention for a while. Make a set for a child in your life today, and help them learn the foundational concepts of science for tomorrow.

Craft #4 - Felt Learning Mat

The felt learning mat is a great way to incorporate learning and fun! The base of the mat is white felt, allowing felt pieces to adhere. It is the same as a felt board except that it is portable and easy to store!

The felt tree pieces are perfect for teaching the changing seasons. The leaves, snow at the base of the winter tree, and the snowflakes are all separate pieces to allow your child to set up the seasons on their own.

The above photo shows the next two sets, weather matching and the growth of a flower. On the left side of the mat are three pockets for storing each of the three sets. Don't stop with just these three sets, either. How about the life cycle of a frog or a butterfly? Or a matching game for the 5 senses? The versatility of the felt learning mat is ENDLESS!

The felt learning mat rolls up and ties for easy portability. You could also use velcro for younger children.

Craft #5 - Periodic Table of Craftyness

Is your nerdery in need of some sprucing up?
This crafty artwork will be sure to show off your inner dork.

Craft #6 - Finger Print Pendant

Put your love in print...finger print that is!

With this cute pendant made with yours and your honey's fingerprints. Add a verse from "your song" and you have a one of kind keep sake!

Or swap out your sweeties finger prints for the kids and you have a unique Mothers necklace.

As a bonus, you always have your child's fingerprint handy...just in case.

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