New Year Daily Log Cover

the goal this new year for me is "consistency".

i want consistency in parenting,

consistency in creating,

consistency in my home and life organization,

consistency in calorie intake,

and consistency in exercise.

i basically want balance of the most important things in my life this year. that's my new year's resolution.

how i'm going to achieve that is by logging everything down.

already a big list taker, i enjoy writing things down, and have acquired a few of these composition books, but the cover ain't nothing to write home about.

so i created a cover for my daily logs

i can draw out an idea when ever it comes, so that i can be consistent and only create when the time is made available.

i can log my calories and create a meal plan for the week in my food log.

i can make a schedule for cleaning and write down reminders.

but the main thing is i can do it in style with this cute cover.

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