Parade Jackets

The most popular thing in our town on Jan 1st is the New Year's Day Parade. And in those early-morning hours, only your best Parade Jacket will keep you warm and happy while colorful floats roll by.
Last year, our little one dressed like this (in her Costco fleece jacket):

So this year, I decided to improve the look and (using the old jacket as my guideline) made an updated version in charcoal gray fleece:
And while you're making one jacket, might as well make three....right?! Then all the cousins are warm and having fun.
People often ask me how I sew without store-bought patterns. So, in a winning tutorial, I'll show you how to take your existing jacket (or any clothing item) and use it to create your own pattern for a new jacket....a technique that will change the way you look at sewing.
Now thrown on your jacket, grab a cup of cocoa, and enjoy the parade. Happy New Year!

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