Creative Journal

It seems like creative ideas pop into my head at the craziest times. I often get busy with other things and before I know it I'm asking myself, "Now what was that great idea I had earlier?" I've learned that the secret is to capture the ideas by writing them down. But a plain old journal simply doesn't cut it. I feel like I need a journal that's brimming with as much creativity as I am.

This handmade journal is the perfect mix of old and new. It uses an age-old binding technique called coptic stitch that is both beautiful and functional. The binding allows the book to open completely flat -- perfect for artsy types who want to sketch out their next projects! And the cover includes an unexpected twist, merging a photograph of warm vintage fabric with a sleek piece of aluminum.

In a winning tutorial, I'll give you full instructions for transferring images onto metal. I'll also provide detailed, photo-by-photo instructions on how to successfully bind books using the sometimes-intimidating coptic stitch. You'll not only learn new techniques, you'll also be able to make a great journal that captures your inspirations!

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