Everyday 3-Way Accessory

I am always scrounging around for a chunky necklace or cute scarf to sass up an outfit. Sometimes, it's hard to decide which to choose! (I know, the serious problems in life).

So for this challenge, I came up with a necklace/scarf hybrid called the Everyday, Three Way Accessory. It's unique, functional, and best of all super cute!

A funky knot anchors loops and layers of lush jersey knit. Here are three ways you can wear it:

1. Simply throw the Everyday, Three Way Accessory on over a plain tee:

2. Double it up to create a necklace feel:

3. Or pull the ends through and wear it like a scarf:

Dressed up or down, one thing's for sure. You are going to look fabulous wearing it!

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