Family Tree File Bag

When I heard the theme of this week was "For You". I immediately knew that I wanted my craft to be not only For You, but for you and you and you...Meaning everyone that comes after YOU on your family tree. What a better gift to give than the gift of yourself! This will not only benefit you but will benefit all that come from you.

(the words have been photoshoped on so my handwriting is not recognizable. These words will be embroidered on in white floss in the tutorial)

What is it? You ask. It's a three ring binder camouflaged as a beautiful family tree purse. You can sling it over your shoulder to bring it with you everywhere you go! No need to miss one single day of writing about YOU for all of the yous in your growing family tree.

When opened the inside will be filled with 365 questions that will let those that come after you know YOU. You will also be amazed at the calming affect that writing about you will bring to your life. And it comes in such a fabulous package who could resist?

Tutorial will include the Binder Purse and the 365 Questions to be placed inside!

I believe that there is no better gift to give those after you than to know a little bit about you! And it's also the perfect gift for YOU because you get to pass on the bits of information that are really important to YOU and from your point of view. This is perfect for those of us who wished we wrote in our journals but just don't ever get around to it. And it's perfect for those that do so our future generations know not only about our everyday routine but about the little things that make us who we are! So this gift is for YOU...and you...and you...

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