Huggies Clutch

Under $5.00 huh? I decided to grab a Huggie's wipes case ($1.30), 2 pieces of felt ($0.40), 1/4 yard fabric ($1.00), 24 sheets of paper ($0.20), a magnet ($0.70), and some hot glue sticks ($0.40) and create a fabulous organizer/day planner/clutch.

As women on the go we are constantly checking our calendars, making to do lists, and unfortunately forgetting our keys. I wanted one fashionable item to help me out without feeling like I am carrying around my home, missing my appointments, and losing my brain along the way. So here you have it...

A Wipes Case Clutch.
Simply grab it and go. Slip it into your purse. Or hide it away in your glove box. However you roll, you won't want to live another day without it!

Tucked away safely inside is a pen, a tear off calendar, a tear off to do list, your spare key (or gym key, or mailbox key, etc...) some emergency cash, and your business/credit/gift cards.

The winning tutorial will include directions on how to make the fabulous Wipes Case Clutch from start to finish, a pdf template for both the tear off calendar and Things I Need To Do pads, and the directions on how to make a tear off pad.

All that for $4.00. So slip that leftover $1.00 bill into your emergency cash holder, grab your clutch, and you're good to go.

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