Record Purse

RETRO means something different for everyone. The items you categorize as RETRO will depend on the era you grew up in. When I think RETRO I think orange, olive green, and brick red, bold prints, shag carpet, records, huge ear phones, one piece jumpsuits, macrame, etc...
I have combined several of the items I consider to be RETRO to create...
Not only having a new purse, (which we all LOVE) and helping the environment, (by saving records from the landfill) you can be a conversation starter! Everyone will want to know where you got yours from. And of course they'll want one for themselves.
Up the sides I used a RETRO technique, macrame knots, to hold the records in place and add a pop of print. The fabric I chose combined the colors I consider to be RETRO (gold, brick red, olive green, and rust) and of course the print is Paisley.
I lined the inside of the purse with more brick red fabric. I included two small peek pockets for chap stick, gum, keys, and your cell phone. There is two large pockets for magazines or bills. And then the main pocket for your wallet, pens, and other purse contents. I finished off the strap with the same color and a big decorative macrame knot.
So poof that hair, stuff that purse full, and take the trolley into town...
You never know who you might run into or what might happen when you are carrying a RETRO RECORD PURSE!

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