Retro magnetic Board

I had a lot of fun going all out (or maybe... overboard!?) with the retro theme this week! I used both retro materials and retro techniques to create this magnetic board.
My Retro Materials: The board itself is actually an old tin ceiling tile that was salvaged and spray painted white. My grandmother gave me some old quilting squares that she got in the Florida Keys ages ago, and I've been saving them for the perfect project. Sometimes it's hard to use fabric you love so dearly, but when it turns into something this beautiful it's a little easier! My Retro Techniques: I'm not much of a quilter, but since this was just a teeny project, I decided to tackle it. After quilting the squares together I used one of the oldest crafting techniques there is... decoupage! This step was a little tricky, but in a winning tutorial I'll share all my secrets!

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