"Heartfelt" Botton Covers

We take holidays pretty seriously around this house. I love dressing my children for the occasion but have found throughout the years that holiday apparel can not only be pricey but not always very cute. I decided to try something a little bit different for this Valentine's Day and made a holiday accessory that can be added to the clothing that you already have. The hearts are made of felt and embroidery thread, with a hole cut into the middle. Simply slip the felt heart over a button and, voile! Ready to go!

These are perfect for little ones as well as older children. You can apply this idea to any color variation or shapes that you can imagine. The possibilities are endless... I am seeing little Pine trees for Christmas, Shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day , even multi-colored eggs for Easter. What fun!

Why have the fun stop there? Add a few hearts to the laces of your favorite shoes too...

A perfect pairing!

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