Golf Caddy

Many of us have lots of Hims in our lives. Mine range from Young Hims, to Old Hims, to In-between Hims.

This week I decided to craft for my In-between Him. And like many he LOVES to golf. When you love to golf and when your walking destination ends at a park a putter, ball, and golf tee's usually come along. So I created Golf On The Go. Simply keep this baby by your back door or in your trunk and on your way out just grab it.

Trust me, He'll LOVE it!

The handle makes it very easy to carry while you are walking. And the cozy, which I made out of an old sweater, will be oh so kind to the actual golf club head.

When you get to the park, Slide your club out of the cozy and unsnap the roll up and inside you will find...

Your golf ball and tee's of course!

And just for your washing convenience, the roll up will come completely off the cozy. Which also makes it perfect for him when he wants just his club and cozy or just his golf ball and tee roll up!

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