Handmade Minnie Party

Hot Dog! We had a party and you're all invited!
We celebrated with Minnie, but all these ideas could easily be changed to fit any theme. I fell in love with the red polka dots and minnie ears and used them on everything.
Including the cake!
We have ears, say cheers!
These party hats aren't just fun to make, they're also easy and inexpensive.
A birthday outfit is a small touch that can make anyone feel extra special. Kate cried when it was pried off to go in the wash.
What party is complete without a pinata? All I needed was a Huggies box, a
roll of crepe paper, tape and glue. No messy paper-mache or waiting
days for it to dry.
Mouse hands were made for the kids to wear while hitting the pinata. Such Joy! Of course we needed goodie bags for all the loot. It was a great party, thanks for coming!

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