If you had told me five years ago I would be competing in an online crafty competition I would have laughed in your face. My grandpa was an amazing painter and I have always thought I had a bit of an artistic side, but my brain works more scientifically than artistically. Therefore, I am a nurse. I'm also a wife and mother of two fun kids. I discovered my crafty side when my mom gave me a sewing machine for my birthday. I had just had my first baby and liked the idea of having something to do with all my time. I immediately became addicted to sewing and would fall asleep thinking of what I was going to make next. Now I have two kids and have to sneak away to find time to sew, which I do almost every day! My mom always laughs when she thinks about how she wasn't sure if she should get me a sewing machine or not. You made the right decision mom...thanks!!!

*Lynette was eliminates week 5*

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