I'm a wife to a soon to graduate student, and mom to a toddler boy. Before motherhood I worked as a Radiology Technologist.

I grew up with a mom our neighbors called Martha Stewart. She sews, paints, builds furniture, cooks, flower arranges, quilts, stained glass windows, gardens, designs homes, and is just creative and talented. I'm not near her expertise in any of these areas, but she has a great passion for creating that rubbed off on her girls. Especially after becoming a mom, I found projects/ crafting as my creative outlet that was something fulfilling for me that I do for myself to balance the high-service/ selfless aspect that wife and mom roles require. Also living on a budget motivates a lot of projects.

My blog, Running with Scissors, is just my documentation of what projects I'm working on...the successes and the failures. I try to share ideas with tutorials, tips, and instructions--just in case anyone out there would want to try my idea too.

*Jessica was eliminated week 3*

Jessica's Crafts:

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