Dress Up - Week 4

Craft #1 - Hula Doll Dress Up

Who says little girls and boys are the only ones who can play dress-up?
Dolls are people, too! (Just watch "Toy Story!")
This hula costume is so easy and fun to make!

Doesn't "Lindsey" look so adorable and ready to hula in her sparkly "grass" skirt, vibrant lei, stunning hair piece, bracelet and anklet?

What little girl wouldn't just love, love, love this adorable dress-up hula costume for their doll?! Plus, it's so easy to make! You can make it together. A girl is never too young to start crafting!

Craft #2 - Boudoir Dress Up

I love staying at a nice bed and breakfast. It's a special night out. The centerpiece of the room is usually the comfy bed, spread with beautiful decorative pillows. I wanted to "dress up" my bed, and bring a little of that bed and breakfast feeling to our bedroom. Hence, the Boudoir Pillows.
A few years ago, we bought the pretty brown quilt...but it was fairly simple and straight forward. Now there are three pretty pillows to dress things up. Although each design is different, they all coordinate and complete the look. I wanted something pretty, but not too feminine.
The Window Pillow and Stripe Pillow have simple pieced and quilted fronts and envelope closures.

The Ruffled Pillow has ruffles around the complete edge.

These were so much fun to make, I'll have to make some more soon!

Craft #3 - Finger Dress Up

Ever notice fingers always get left out of dress up? Not anymore.
And with a handy little pouch for storage, it's easy to dress up those little fingers whenever the mood strikes!

Craft #4 - Magician Dress Up

Your little magician will be doing all kinds of fun illusions with this spectacular set! With a huge, flowing cape, your little one can twirl around with great drama.
Every Magician needs a wand to do awesome tricks! With a little magnet attached to the end, the possibilities are endless!!!
What would a magician be without a magic hat? With the "false" bottom, all kinds of things can be pulled out of the magic hat. To add to the fun, the shiny scarves can be knotted together to pull out the infamous endless chain!
*** This idea comes with permission from Lorraine at Ikatbag.

Craft #5 - Animal Tails

Kids don't need a lot to play! What they really need is a bigimagination...and some animal tails!
Put on a tail and suddenly you're a ferocious tiger in the jungle...or a monkey swinging from a tree.
Let your kid's imagination soar with these fun animal tails. They are easy for kids to put on and there are plenty to share with friends. Let their imaginations go WILD!

Craft #6 - Dress-Up Wedding Headpieces

When I think "dress up" I think WEDDINGS (maybe it is because it's the only time I get really dressed up!).
Flower Headpieces are the it thing for brides and their bridal party, but they can be pricey. How about you make these for your bridesmaids and flower girls and still look like a million bucks?

Fancy, pretty, feminine. I love the sculptural look!

These headpieces are fun and super dressy, but to add a little more function to the "everyday", I made the main flower on a clip. Unclip it from the headpiece, throw it on a cute side pony and your bridesmaids can be wearing these around town with a t-shirt and jeans.

The best part???This project is made from scraps of fabric left from all of the other wedding projects. If you've got a few squares left, a headband and a couple of clips, this project won't add a dime to your wedding budget.

Craft #7 - Magnetic Paper Doll

As a little girl I loved playing with paper dolls. With this cute tin, the little girl in your life will love playing paper dolls too...but with a personal twist...the doll is her and the clothes are all her favorite outfits!

There is an out fit for play, an outfit for school and even a pair of pj's! Plus, some fun accessories to dress up anything she wears!

And...it's all magnetic and contained in a cute, upcycled metal cookie tin, so when its time to head to a friends or on a long car ride, just grab this cute tin and she can play paper dolls anywhere!

*These photos have been altered to blurry out the "dolls" face, the actual dress up tin does not have the face blurred.

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