Fab Science Lab

Kids will love pretending they are scientists with this fun and easy-to-make science lab.

Best part? The whole thing cost less than $10 to make!

All you need is a tri-fold science fair board, some decorative paper, and a bunch of empty cardboard boxes.

The science fair board cost just under $5. In addition, I set a budget of $5 for "scientific" items to add to the board. I let whatever items I found dictate what I put on the board.

The "test tubes" are bubble wands that I cleaned and filled with colored water. The "test tube holder" is an empty Capri Sun box. I already had the "potion" bottles. You could also use empty soda bottles. I already had masks and gloves.

I purchased the "tubes" for 29 cents. They were a part of a sand art kit. I already had droppers. I think the notepad adds a nice touch.

I used a scrap piece of cork for the note board. The "probes" are knitting needles that I found on clearance for 99 cents for the whole set. The "specimen" tray is a mini shoe box lid.

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