Felt Learning Mat

The felt learning mat is a great way to incorporate learning and fun! The base of the mat is white felt, allowing felt pieces to adhere. It is the same as a felt board except that it is portable and easy to store!

The felt tree pieces are perfect for teaching the changing seasons. The leaves, snow at the base of the winter tree, and the snowflakes are all separate pieces to allow your child to set up the seasons on their own.

The above photo shows the next two sets, weather matching and the growth of a flower. On the left side of the mat are three pockets for storing each of the three sets. Don't stop with just these three sets, either. How about the life cycle of a frog or a butterfly? Or a matching game for the 5 senses? The versatility of the felt learning mat is ENDLESS!

The felt learning mat rolls up and ties for easy portability. You could also use velcro for younger children.

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