Pedicure Set

When I was given the theme "Bath Time", I immediately wanted to create something pampering for my mom. She works full time, takes care of my dad, and I wanted to do something to encourage her to relax. The result is the Pedicure Kit.

It includes a bag with a ruffle detail, which measures 10 by 12 inches, to hold all the important tools needed for a great pedicure. The kit is kept closed, when not in use, with two snaps. Inside, the bag has small pockets to hold tools, an inner zipper pocket for nail polish, and a stretchy pocket to hold another key part of the kit... a pair of spa slippers.

These slippers are styled like flip flops to prevent smearing the nail polish. They are made with soft terry, and use grosgrain ribbon for the toe hold. The bottoms are non-slip, and inside they have a soft foam insole. The side panel allows you to dress these slippers up any way you'd like to.

The pedicure kit would make a great gift for Mother's Day, or for any woman needing a reminder to make some time for herself.

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