Tote for Teacher

This tote was inspired by my 6th grade teacher. I remember her always carrying her purse, and this large navy blue tote that was kind of ugly and worn out. So here is a fun, colorful tote for the teacher that always has binders, graded papers, and other items to carry to and from their classroom.

I designed the tote to have a basic shape, where it's a rectangular bag. What makes this tote different is the scrunch handle. Rather than sewing the straps on, I used a package of extra large eyelets to thread the strap through. This allows the tote to scrunch at the top, so the contents won't fall out.

Made with white canvas for strength, and fully lined in turquoise, this tote could actually be reversible.

The back needed a little detail, so one blue tree stands alone.

The sewing is pretty basic and painting the tree design gives you lots of opportunity to make it unique for that great teacher who deserves a cute tote to lug all their supplies!

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