As a busy stay at home mom to 3, I spend a lot of my time driving, cooking, homeworking, playing and refereeing. I feel fortunate to be spending my days with such funny, crazy, adorable kids, most of the time.

When I have some free time, I enjoy tackling anything creative, just not the mess that comes with it! :) After my oldest son was diagnosed with autism almost 8 years ago, I craved a creative outlet. I found joy in a photography class. Since then I've taken lots of other classes and love adding to my list of hobbies. My current crafty pursuits are- sewing, photography, embroidery, cooking and graphic design.

I've always collected projects and get loads of inspiration from other peoples ideas. My blog 30days came about when I decided I wanted to have one spot to put all the cool ideas I was finding out in Blog World. It's gone in many unexpected directions and I love having my visual to-do list (and being able to share it).

*Mique was eliminated week 6*

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