Flapper Chandelier

Ever wanted to make your own chandelier? Me too. And when I thought of gloves I pictured them upside down, dangling, with a droopy effect. Thus, the chandelier was born. Who said gloves were just for hands?

This two-tiered working chandelier is made from two embroidery hoops, dowels, and a free-hanging light (from IKEA or hardware store). The construction is fairly easy, with a 75 watt bulb at the end for plenty of illumination .

The best part, of course, is adding your own decor. With 30 white gloves strung together and hundreds of sparkling sequins, our 1920's Flapper Chandelier is ready for the spotlight.

Light her up and watch her beauty glow.

* The concept of this chandelier can be used for any decor style you choose.

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