Harvest Baby Food

Bobbie over at I am Only One Woman sent me this tutorial on how to make baby food from squash. What's more harvesty than squash? Thanks Bobbie!

I love having my girls. I would probably have a few more than what we have decided if it did not cost so dang much to have them, to diaper them, to feed them, to cloth them, and the list goes on and on.

One of the things that I am doing to cut down on the cost is to make baby food. My parents and my in laws both grow fairly large gardens. We help them with those gardens because we don't have our own land to grow them on, plus they grow way more than they can even think of handling on their own. It is a total win win for us all.

So both sets of parents grew banana squash. They are huge and remind me of pumpkins because of their texture and tough skin. I have never tried one, well, never had the desire to try one. But since we had an abundance of banana squash I decided make it into baby food.

Banana Squash Baby Food:

I took the banana squash peeled it and then cut it into 1-2 inch cubes
Boil the squash for 6 minutes (rolling boil)
After it has boiled then drain and dump into a sink full of cold, cold water
let the squash cool off.
Bag the squash in freezer bags in the cubes.
Whenever you need the squash remove it from the bag, let it thaw, then puree it.
Now you have delicious and healthy baby food.
This method would work for any type of squash/zuchinni. It would work even for carrots

Now doesn't that look disgusting :)

The chunks of squash after being boiled and drained. Looks perty don't it

Do you have a harvest craft to share? Just email it to me. Or you can add a link here!

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