Harvest Dress & Dinner-For-Two

When Harvest is done and the pie has been baked,
stuff those big pockets full of goodies to take.

Introducing: The Harvest Dress and Dinner for Two.

Made of pitch-forked cotton and soft charcoal corduroy, this dress has pockets roomy enough for many treasures. And today our little girl has a felt Dinner-for-Two. So come on over. The table is set.
Feast on turkey drumsticks, homemade bread (with butter or strawberry jam), steamed broccoli, grapes that pull apart in the bunches, and of course, pumpkin pie for dessert. Made simple for little hands, the food pulls apart from velcro attachments. Hold the whipped cream? No problem!

From it's chunky buttons to knobby-kneed length, the Harvest Dress is fun on-the-go. Just one bite and you'll realize....felt never tasted so good.

Tutorials for this project will include: Puff Sleeves, Gathered Pocket, and Felt Food (not entire Harvest Dress)

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