Harvest - Week 1

Here are the crafts of our Harvest Theme. Dana @ MADE (#6) was the winner this week. However, we were bummed that Marilyn was our first to go.

Craft #1 - Count Your Blessings - Mique with 30days

After a few projects centered around the "harvest" theme, I decided to do this "Count Your Blessings" wall hanging. "Harvest" can imply many things, but it reminds of fall, leaves, and thanksgiving. I wanted something uplifting on a sign and "count your blessings" seemed appropriate.
I had fun making it and love the end result. Hope you do too!

Craft #2 - Tea-licious Harvest Tea Towel - Kathleen @ Katydid and Kid

When the weather turns cooler and the leaves begin to fall, there's nothing better than a hot pot of tea to warm you up. And just so you don't burn your fingers, it helps to have a little pot holder or fall-themed tea towel to go with your Earl Gray and pumpkin muffins.
Rather than a boring white tea towel, let's get crafty, shall we? Look to the pumpkin (and gourd) for artistic inspiration, since they're the quintessential harvest veggies.
You can create your own carved linoleum block print with just a few simple steps
which you can use to stamp tea towels and tee-shirts and greeting cards and more until your heart's content.
Dressed up with a little color and autumn flair, a plain tea towel will make a homey statement in your Thanksgiving kitchen.
It will make you feel even homier knowing that you made it yourself. A set of these towels would make a great hostess gift too, especially if you'll be a guest at someone else's home for Thanksgiving. Stamp away!

Craft #3 - Harvest Cooking Spoon Rest - Jessica @ So Happy Together

When I think of the word harvest, I think about going out and gathering the harvest. Then, I think of cooking the harvest.



One thing that I needed was a spoon holder for cooking our harvest, so this was the outcome. I chose to make the spoon rest in the shape of a leaf since it is all autumnal like. You can now cook your heart out and have a place to rest the spoon you are using! Or, it would be a wonderful hostess gift.

Craft #4 - Little Red Tractor - Jill @ Homemade by Jill

For the Harvest theme, I sewed a plush tractor - perfect for the little boy in your life who would rather snuggle up to heavy machinery than a teddy bear. I used red linen and wool felt in shades of gray and black and much of the tractor was stitched by hand. It measures 11 inches long and 6 inches wide, and also features a squeaker in the steering wheel. Happy Harvest!

Craft #5 - Wheat Throw Pillows - Vanessa @ V & Co.

When I think of harvest I think of “harvesting wheat”.
Using spray paint and freezer paper I created these great throw pillows.
Low cost, cute, and made by you…how could you ask for more?

*Craft #6 - The Harvest Dress and Dinner for Two - Dana @ MADE*

When Harvest is done and the pie has been baked,
stuff those big pockets full of goodies to take.

Introducing: The Harvest Dress and Dinner for Two.

Made of pitch-forked cotton and soft charcoal corduroy, this dress has pockets roomy enough for many treasures. And today our little girl has a felt Dinner-for-Two. So come on over. The table is set.
Feast on turkey drumsticks, homemade bread (with butter or strawberry jam), steamed broccoli, grapes that pull apart in the bunches, and of course, pumpkin pie for dessert. Made simple for little hands, the food pulls apart from velcro attachments. Hold the whipped cream? No problem!

From it's chunky buttons to knobby-kneed length, the Harvest Dress is fun on-the-go. Just one bite and you'll realize....felt never tasted so good.

Tutorials for this project will include: Puff Sleeves, Gathered Pocket, and Felt Food (not entire Harvest Dress)

Craft #7 - Harvest Topiary - Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations

When I found out the first theme of S.Y.T.Y.C I was really excited because fall is one of my favorite time's of the year and I just love all of the fall colors! When I started brainstorming what I was going to do I just kept thinking that I really wanted to showcase those beautiful fall colors and really represent the theme "harvest" all at the same time.
So this Harvest Topiary is what I came up with! This topiary is the perfect way to spruce up your home with the feel of fall! It even smells great, instead of using a dowel for the center of the topiary I used cinnamon sticks! Clever huh? This project is not only fun to make, it will remind you of the fall's harvest every time you look at it!
Hope you enjoy.
Harvest Topiary

Craft #8 - Vintage Harvest Crate Stamp/Label Patches - Ashley @ Lil Blue Boo

One of my favorite books is Grapes of Wrath and I love the wooden crates used for harvesting fruit way back before plastic was available. My friend George and his family have owned a grape farm since the 1940’s and I asked him for some of his old wooden crates with the ranch’s stamped logo. I used the wooden crates and some vintage fruit crate labels to create knit patches for girl and boy t-shirts. My two favorites? the “Brother’s Pride” crate label because of the wood grain, and the “American Beauty” fruit label because of the distressing technique I used.

Craft #9 - Harvesting My Home and Garden - Marilyn @ Krafty Mum

As Fall arrived, I was so excited to get to harvest some of the items from my first garden for decorating. Unfortunately, my pumpkin plant only had one pumpkin and my corn stocks were only about 3 feet tall, so I had to hit up the store for some more pumpkins and my neighbors for their corn stocks. It has been fun to have some decor at my house to bring in the Fall.

With your help I will get to show you how to use these items:

Harvest Basket Ingredients

To make this:

Harvest 012

Craft #10 - Harvest Tree - Alish & Whitney @ Sisters Stuff

This harvest tree is perfect for the fall season and helps bring a little of the outdoors inside by using a real tree branch. This is a fairly easy and inexpensive craft using a real tree branch, spray paint, ribbons, ornaments and berries. The festive fall colors will add to your home decor and this arrangement would be perfect for a Thanksgiving center piece or on a table in your entry way.

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