I have been married for three years to my best friend and we have a beautiful daughter that just turned 2! I am a full time Mom and I just went back to college and am pursuing a degree in interior design. Creating things has always been apart of my life. I grew up in a family that made everything homemade. I was raised in Utah and grew up in a family with all girls. My mom taught me a lot of what I know and has inspired me to walk in her same footsteps and keep that handmade tradition alive. I am now a mother myself and I hope I can set the same example my mom set when I was growing up. I love to do almost anything crafty, but what I really love to do is make home decor projects, paper crafts, and a little sewing. I blog about my creations at Inspiring Creations and when I'm not blogging about my creations I contribute to Handmade Sweet Somethings.

*Lindsey was eliminated Week 3*

Lindsey's Crafts:

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