I'm a career-oriented-woman-turned-stay-at-home-mommy to my energetic, precocious 2-year-old daughter “Boo”. I have a wonderfully supportive husband who never gets annoyed that I’ve taken over every room in the house with a new project. I love painting, sewing, power tools and I’m never afraid to try new things. I try to make something every day and I become annoyed that I actually have to eat and sleep. I've always loved creating things. I grew up with a very crafty, creative mother and two very crafty, creative, innovative grandmothers. My Lil Blue Boo blog is where my painting, sewing and motherhood all intersect. Sometimes I’m all over the place. I love creating clothes and toys for my daughter and from that my Lil Blue Boo pattern line has emerged. I love to paint and create unique nursery art. I love t-shirts, beads, rocks, buttons, fabric, leaves, thread, ribbon, paint, dye, paper, tape, wood.........if only there were more hours in the day!

*Ashley was eliminated in the Finale*

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