The first challenge has come and gone. We've crowned a winner and had to day goodbye to an amazing crafter. Congrats Dana. We'll miss you Marilyn.

We've now moved onto our second challenge...LEAVES. I know I always say this, but it's only because it's true, they're amazing! Make sure you vote by Friday.

Another new addition to the site...the "Giveaway" page. DecoMOD walls is our first giveaway sponsor. Head on over and enter to win the fabulous prize she has offered.

*The projects have been given their rightful owners on the "Past Crafts" page. Also, the crafters may decide to put up their past project tutorials on their blogs later this week, so check them out*

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Anonymous said...

Well, are you going to reveal who did what craft? Or is supposed to continue to be a secret...

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