Snow - Week 5

Another fun week! Vanessa was the winner while Kathleen had to leave us.

Craft #1 - Princess Castle Snow Globe - Ashley @ Lil Blue Boo

When I was little I had such a fascination with snow globes.......I imagined a tiny enclosed living world inside. I created this shirt by mixing multiple techniques (stenciling, iron on transfers, appliqué just to name a few....). It is very easy to make when broken down into steps. The snow globe features a tiny castle fit for a princess and the front of the globe base has been personalized with the little girl’s name. I even added a teeny tiny appliqué flag with the first letter of her name. The castle, flag and base are a linen fabric. Clear vinyl has been sewn over the castle scene to enclose it as a “globe.” I love that it is washable too...very practical. I’m so excited for this little girl to get her Christmas gift although I may have ruined the surprise today when her mother visits to vote!

Craft #2 - "Snowed In" Ornament - Jill @ Homemade by Jill

My favorite part of winter is the first day after a heavy snowfall. You know the drill ... you stay in comfortable clothes, keep the hot chocolate brewing, and settle in with a good book or movie.

I tried to capture the feel of a "snowed in" day with this felt house ornament. The roof is covered in a sparkly felt snowdrift and bead icicles hang from the front. The year is embroidered on the back of the house.

Craft #3 - Super Snowflakes
- Dana @ MADE

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with Super-sized snowflakes.

Each flake is made from a full-size poster board sheet and painted with glitter. Just watch them sparkle as they dance from the roof.

A child's dream come true. Snow Day!

*Craft #4 - Snowy Ruffle Pillow - Vanessa @ V&Co*

this pillow will bring in the white powdery stuff without the cold!

Made out of white flannel, my fluffy ruffled “snow” is perfect for the holiday season and for the months to follow because as we all know winter doesn’t end in December! If you’d like, you can make it in any color your heart desires and use this all year long! All that texture would look perfect on leather couches, on anywhere you would like to add a little bit of “fluff”

Craft #5 - Needle Felted Snowflake Tray - Kathleen @ Katydid & Kid

Jingle and bells, Santa and reindeer, snow and hot cocoa--some things are meant to be together. For this week's entry, I created a needle-felted snowflake tray, perfect for serving up hot cocoa or tea after frolicking in the land of snowmen.

Craft #6 - Matching Snowflakes? - Mique @ 30 Days

Every snowflake is different. Or so they say. With this fun little snowflake matching game, the outcome will will be different each time. Made with pockets and velcro, this game can be played at home or on the go.

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