Tea-licious Harvest Tea Towel

When the weather turns cooler and the leaves begin to fall, there's nothing better than a hot pot of tea to warm you up. And just so you don't burn your fingers, it helps to have a little pot holder or fall-themed tea towel to go with your Earl Gray and pumpkin muffins.
Rather than a boring white tea towel, let's get crafty, shall we? Look to the pumpkin (and gourd) for artistic inspiration, since they're the quintessential harvest veggies.
You can create your own carved linoleum block print with just a few simple steps
which you can use to stamp tea towels and tee-shirts and greeting cards and more until your heart's content.
Dressed up with a little color and autumn flair, a plain tea towel will make a homey statement in your Thanksgiving kitchen.
It will make you feel even homier knowing that you made it yourself. A set of these towels would make a great hostess gift too, especially if you'll be a guest at someone else's home for Thanksgiving. Stamp away!

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