Turkey's and Breaks

We get to congratulate Dana again this week for her victory with the Grocery Totes! Great job! But we'll have to also say "good bye" to Lindsey.

This weeks challenge is Turkey. It's interesting to see their interpretations. I love them! Remember voting closes on Friday.

We have another new giveaway too. For not only 1 lucky winner but 3! Check out the "Giveaway" page to see what Missie Krissie is dying to give away!

Last weeks crafts have been assigned to their creators on the "Past Crafts" page once again.

*Challenge Announcement*
These amazing women, while appearing to lead super-human lives, have a busy week this week just like the rest of us. What with the outrageous amounts of cooking (one has 100 rolls to bake...maybe they are super-human) and the feasting induced coma's, I've decided to cut them a break. They get this week off of crafting! This means we'll be on hiatus next week. Instead of the next challenge being presented on November 30th, voting will start December 7th.

Everybody enjoy your holiday!

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Ashley said...

Yay Dana! Great job as always! Lindsey we'll miss you!!

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