We're on Hiatus!!

This week we're taking a little break. With the holiday last week the crafters wanted the week off of crafting to focus on their family (and cooking). I don't blame them! So we'll be back next week (Mon. December 7th) with the new theme and craft.

However, we do have some business that can't wait until next week.

First, our giveaway winners!! Missie Krissie picked 3 people to win this week. Please go have a look at the "giveaway" page to see if one of those winners was you!

Second, Dana wins again!! This week had a very clear winner (she had over half the votes!). Her Turkey Dressing Skirt tutorial is up in the "winning tutorials" page. However we have to let another crafter go. You thought it would get easier, but it doesn't. Thank you Jessica for all you've done for the contest!

Third, I need your help. I'm going to be making some changes to the site for next session. I thought that since there was no craft to vote for this week I'd use the poll for some "market research" :). I've put up a poll in place of the craft poll asking what your favorite part about the contest is. Please take a minute to cast your vote so I can make this site better for everyone. Thanks!

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