Week 7 - Gifts

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Now back to business.

We're down to 4 crafters! Can you believe it! We had to say goodbye to Mique this last challenge. I hate to say goodbye. Remember to keep checking up on her over at 30days!

This weeks theme is Gifts and I love the ideas they had! I wish I had planned things out a little better so this theme would have been before the holidays so I could make some for my family. Maybe they'll just get a few more :)


Anonymous said...

I really love this little contest. And the reason I love it, it because it gives me great ideas that I wouldn't have normally come up with myself. I understand these women wanting to make some money off of their abilities, but I am a little miffed when the winning crafter puts their pattern straight to Etsy. Could we have a week to try it ourselves before we have to buy it? Just wondering:)

Anonymous said...

Erm... Most of the winning crafts are free for us to see and the ones that haven't (like the totally adorable scarf!) has been available for the last week for us to see for free and only in the last day or so it has gone up on to Etsy. Plenty of time to try it for ourselves!

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