Session 2 Finale - Wild Card

Craft #1 - Perfect Swimming Bag by Shannon
First off I would like to send a big thank you to those followers who voted me on to the finals! It means allot to me! And I also couldn't be competing against a more creative gal!!! It's been a fun, fast, and tough ten weeks!
For my final shebang I decided to create the perfect bag to take with your family swimming! Whether you head to the local pool or out to the beach, you will have enough room for everything! With summer in full swing around my parts of the country and with it around the corner for the rest I thought it would be perfect to pull out bright summer colors and prints.
So here you have the PERFECT SWIMMING and recreational bag!
The top of the bag has two separate sides. They both close and open with draw string tops.
One side is fully lined with waterproof material so once you are done swimming you can toss in your wet clothes, and the rest of your bag will stay nice and dry!
The other side is a dry side. It is filled with pockets that you can slide in your wallet, keys, makeup, or diapers! You name it! It's perfect for your hair supplies and your dry change of clothes for after you swim!
Now onto the bottom. The entire bottom is waterproof, so you won't need to worry where you set your bag! Two of the sides around the bottom have pockets to slide in water bottles! You can never have enough water at the pool! They are also perfect for slipping in sun screen or diving toys, or flip-flops!
On one of the other sides there are three pockets that have flaps on the top. They are perfect for goggles, sun glasses, or spray on tanner!
The final side around the bottom has a large flap that opens completely and closes with Velcro, making it easy for children to get in and out of.
When you open the flap you will find another waterproof compartment large enough to fit 6, yes 6, large beach towels, folded nice and neat!
So grab all your swim gear, change of clothes, and load up your bag. Throw it over your shoulder and head out for a fun filled day!
When your ready to go home, the top of your bag won't be as filled because your change of clothes will be on, so simply push down the draw string compartments, throw your smaller bag over your shoulder, and head home!
This bag is also perfect for a small camping trip, or a couple of days in a row overnighter! Slide your sleeping blanket and pillow into the bottom and fill up the dry side with your clothes! Once you wear your clothes, simply put them in the waterproff side, to keep your dirty clothes seperated! All the pockets in the insides can be used for your bathroom supplies! So where ever you are headed this summer, grab the PERFECT BAG and GO!

Craft #2 - Handmade Minnie Party by Kalleen

Hot Dog! We had a party and you're all invited!
We celebrated with Minnie, but all these ideas could easily be changed to fit any theme. I fell in love with the red polka dots and minnie ears and used them on everything.
Including the cake!
We have ears, say cheers!
These party hats aren't just fun to make, they're also easy and inexpensive.
A birthday outfit is a small touch that can make anyone feel extra special. Kate cried when it was pried off to go in the wash.
What party is complete without a pinata? All I needed was a Huggies box, a
roll of crepe paper, tape and glue. No messy paper-mache or waiting
days for it to dry.
Mouse hands were made for the kids to wear while hitting the pinata. Such Joy! Of course we needed goodie bags for all the loot. It was a great party, thanks for coming!


Ticey said...

Okay this swimming bag is amazing!! Is there instructions on how to make one? If you could let me know I'd really appreciate it.

Missy said...

Hey Ticey! The tutorial for the swim bag is in the tutorial tab. It's a great one!

Ticey said...

Thanks so much!! Can't wait to make it and use it this summer!!

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