Week 8 - Re-purposed

We're down to our final 3. This week determines who will be competing in the finals. But before we get to that, lets see who won last week.

Deidre won again with the Flower Party Lights! Congrats Deidre!!! Those would be perfect at my little girls birthday party in a few weeks.

It's so hard to say good bye at this point cuz I've felt like I've gotten to know the ladies well. But this week we have to let Cheryl go. Keep checking up on her awesome creations and gorgeous photos at A Pretty Cool Life. We'll be getting to know a little bit more about her this Wednesday, too.

This weeks theme is Re-purposed. I even got into the action by turning one of my old shirts into a summer dress for Abbi. I'll think about posting pictures, but it's not near as great as this stuff :) Just like always, voting is open in the sidebar until Friday night at 9pm MST.


Craft #1 - Bubble Dress to Book Bag

It doesn't get any easier (or cuter!) than this! All you have to do is start with a bubble dress. The one I used is perfect because it has a nice wide elastic waistband and the skirt is fully lined. That means when you're finished, your book bag will have a secure opening and the inside will be fully lined, too. Because you're using a bubble dress, the top and bottom of the bag are already nicely ruffled.

All you have to do is remove the top part of the dress from the waistband. I added a wide strip of canvas ribbon for the handle. The handle is the only part of the book bag that wasn't made from the dress.

I covered the top of the bubble dress with iron-on vinyl to keep the sides from fraying. I used a Sizzix die to create the flower shapes. You can use whatever shape you want, but just make sure that you carefully place the fabric on the die so you can maximize the number of pieces you can cut. I removed the stitching from the black trim on the bubble dress neckline and flattened it out to make the centers for the flowers. I added some large white grommets to the waistband for a nice extra touch of color.

No kid likes summer homework, but it's a lot more fun to tackle when she can tote her books around in this awesome bubble dress book bag! Or, use it as a beach bag or summer sleepover bag. If you want a small bag, use an infant-sized bubble dress. If you need a REALLY big bag, use a really big bubble dress! Have fun!

Craft #2 - Toddler Cardigan

I'm was so excited about this week's theme because I had the perfect excuse to complete a project I've wanted to do for a while. Last winter I found this pretty Ralph Lauren sweater at a local thrift store.

I instantly pictured it as a toddler's cardigan. I used a sweater we had on hand as pattern, and was able to use the sleeves in tact. I just cut them down from the shoulders. I was also able to reuse the hem from the sweater, reserved from the length I had to cut off.

I used some grosgrain ribbon as facing for the button placket.

I noticed some old pink lace and a button from my great-grandmother's stash that I used to make a flower brooch...which fit with repurposing items.

And the result is this sweet little cardigan, ready for my toddler to wear in the fall.

Craft #3 - Ruffle Scarf

I picked up this wool suit jacket for 50% off at a total cost of $1.50!!!

Made from a mens wool suit jacket, this scarf provides a feminine flare to a classic accessory. The scarf is lined with a mustard colored cotton fabric to prevent itch and add color.

The tag on the front was originally on the inside of the suit jacket. It had the name of a nearby town printed on it, so I used it to give a more personal feel, add a little detail, and to remember it's roots.

The most unique part of this scarf is the pocket, made from one of the existing pockets on the suit jacket, on the backside behind the tag. The pocket provides a great way to carry your wallet and cellphone when out shopping. It's functional, beautiful, and warm. Perfect for fall!


Calista said...

I love this scraf... sooooo creative, I love seeing neat ideas that I've never seen before...cute and trendy!!

Crazy Walker said...

#2! Love the cardigan. adorable!

lizwalker said...

I want the cardigan in big girls size! So cute....

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