Finale - Week 10

Craft #1 - Rollie Pollie - Dana @ MADE

Looking for hours of entertainment?
Meet, The Rollie Pollie:
It's a chair, it's a toy, it's your favorite pillow.

Made of durable cotton twill or soft vinyl, each bag is actually a slip cover (with another Rollie Pollie inside) then filled with mounds and mounds of soft cluster stuffing. So if it gets dirty, just zip it off and throw it in the wash. And with a handle on top, it's easy to toss around. Ready for a pillow fight? We'll let dad referee.

Now, pick your favorite....
Drag it around,
Dive right in!
Or take a little nap.
Build a Rollie-Pollie-man:
kick off your shoes:
Or do what I love best....find a yummy treat,
and just relax, watching your favorite show.
Who said you were a couch potato? I prefer Rollie Pollie, thank you.

Craft #2 -
Window Treatments - Ashley @ Lil Blue Boo

My husband has been bugging me since we moved in to add window treatments around the house....but they are always either too expensive or I haven't found ones I like. I decided for my final SYTYC challenge entry I would make my own....and on a budget!

Starting with simple white $3.00 a yard muslin.....

....I measured, cut, designed, silk screened, sewed and drilled to create custom drapery panels.

I especially love how the morning sunlight comes through the sheer fabric.

I wanted drapes that were simple and elegant but also that fit our informal living style. I love how they "pool" on the floor.....adds a little drama to our everyday living space.

My little one is the most excited about them because she gained another hiding place.

A curtain rod for a 16 foot slider was almost impossible to find and not really in my budget so I modified a store-bought rod to fit across the 17 foot span.

With my leftover fabric I made some simple covers for our existing couch pillows to coordinate the room.

I made the small rectangular pillows from scratch with some inexpensive linen-like canvas.

This technique is so versatile that you could use it in any room of the house. How about printing a similar design onto a duvet and large square euro pillows for a master bedroom!? Or printing this design in pink or mint green for a child's room! The tutorial for this project includes the download for the design I created, how to measure, sew and silkscreen the draperies, how to make the pillows, and how I assembled the extra long curtain rod (17 feet!).

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who checked in every week on the contest. I've had so much fun and still can't believe I made it to the finals. My competitor is an amazing talent and I'm just honored to be here competing with her! I especially want to thank Missy for putting this all together and challenging me to think outside my comfort zone every week!

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