Hide and Seek Game Panel

Wooni over at Made by Wooni just sent this fun new game tutorial. Go check out her site!


Oh what is that interesting thing that my adorable son is playing with? It is my new Hide and seek panel, that is much more than that. As my son grows It can turn into a memory game, identify colors, or any other game that might come to mind.

Here is the tutorial that I will have available for a couple weeks, after that I will be turning it into a downloadable pdf, maybe sooner. it all depends on how long it takes me to create the pdf.

So lets start...


two 63 cm x 47 cm panels of fabric
9 different scraps for the pockets (each pocket is 12cm x 13cm)
ribbon or yarn
scissors, rotary cutter
pins, needles, sewing machine, thread
stuffing to make shapes (optional and I will have an additional tutorial for that later)

How to make it:

1. Cut out the two panels and the nine pockets (yes I know there are only six in the pictures.... but you actually need nine)
2. Measure out and position the pockets so that you can decide where you want to embroider the title or whatever you want to decorate it.
3. After doing the embroidery/decoration/applique sew the pockets onto the front panel.

4. cut 8 strips of ribbon or yarn
5. Before sewing the back panel to the front, position your ribbon/ yarn. Place two cut pieces of ribbon or yarn on each corner of the panel

6. Sew the front to the back panel. If you do not want to see the stitching then place right sides together, tuck in the ribbon.yarn so you only see a small portion of it and sew three sides of it. leave one side where there is no ribbon so it is easier. flip it inside out and close the top with a ladder stitch.

and voila your game panel is finished!!

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