Recycled Wrist Pin Cushion

Fun+ctional. It's a mash-up word that means a lot to me. While I think beauty can stand alone in the art world, I prefer the utilitarian but still artful nature of crafts. Take this pin cushion, for example. It helps me keep track of pins while I'm sewing, and it also makes me smile because it reminds me of the beautiful gaillardia flowers in my garden. It's both "fun" and "functional."
Plus it's made entirely of recycled materials, which is a driving force in my work. The cushion is fashioned out of vintage hem tape, scraps from a felted wool sweater, and recycled foam from an electronics box. It's mounted on an old cuff bracelet covered that I purchased at an estate sale and covered with extra-wide bias tape. Suddenly what's old is new again, in an artful and fun+ctional way.

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