I have a passion for giving old things a fresh chance. I guess I can thank my mom, who started taking me to thrift stores when I was just a kid, and my boyfriend, who lets me keep all sorts of odds and ends around our little house. I work with a range of recycled and upcycled materials, and my favorites are wool sweaters and old kitchen items. I turn these old castoffs into unique wearable and decorative accessories that I sell at craft shows and in my Etsy shop. I also love sharing what I know with other people, so I teach sewing and craft classes in my local community and post fun how-to projects on my blog, The Sassy Crafter. I feel fortunate that my work has been featured in a number of books, magazines, and blogs, including TheKitchn.com and the new book "1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse." And I'm so excited to be one of the crafters selected for the SYTYC Round 2 -- I know it will be great inspiration and motivation!

*Kim was eliminated Week 4*

Kim's Crafts:

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