Flower Napkin Rings

For the Kitchen, I made Napkin Rings from a couple old belts that I don't wear anymore. I thought they'd make some killer napkin rings..... and be a cool repurposing project at the same time. The hubs was a little worried, at first, when he saw me holding my belts with scissors in hand. I don't blame him! I was a little nervous about ripping apart perfectly good belts, but man, these Napkin Rings turned out awesome!

The Flower Napkin rings are my favorite out of the different sets I made. The cute pink and green flowers are perfect for Spring! {And the romantic dinner the hubs and I had the other night....}

Using belts to make napkin rings was SO easy! I used things I had around the house and so it cost me nothing to make these beauties. Don't ya just love a good repurpoing project that doesn't cost a dime :)

Top: a few other napkin ring sets I made. Bottom: the Flower Napkin rings came from this fabulous belt.

Now I have some cool buckles to use for other projects. wahoo!

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