Recipe Organizer

The Kitchen is NOT my favorite room in my home. And the worst part of my day is cooking. I don't like deciding what to cook for the week and once I do and get the groceries by the time the end of the week comes I have forgotten what recipes I have the supplies to make. So I decided to create a place to put my weeks worth of chosen recipes!

You simply hang this over your pantry door or your cupboard door. It adds some fun to your kitchen as well as organizing those recipes you have picked out to use.

The front of the pantry door or cupboard will look like this:

Underneath that snazzy flower is a clip to hang the current recipe you are creating from so the card doesn't get food all over it during the cooking process. And during the day you can hang notes or your apron from it!

The inside of the pantry door or cupboard will look like this:

Seven clips with your recipes attached. I started from Monday to Sunday because I shop on Monday and that's the start of a new selection of recipes!

This 'Weekly Recipe Organizer' is a Great way to keep you in the Kitchen and out of the Drive- Through! Because simply planning a week worth of recipes is the hardest part! And what's better than a little pop to your kitchen?

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