BunkBed ClubHouse

....a craft kids can help make? Boy oh boy did my kids have some grand ideas. I let them take the reins and they ran with it! They loved the felt clubhouses that people make to go over their card tables.... however, I didn't want a card table set up in the house all the time. So we made a compromise.

And the bunk bed club house was born

Enter through the 'hole' in the tree, which is made to be level with the bottom bunk.

Complete with a tree that has velcro for apples or flowers....(and for future banana's and letter's like the chicka chicka boom boom tree)

There is also a garden with pockets to hold carrots, beets and turnips.

Store your harvest from the garden or tree in the basket....or maybe you'll want to put flowers in the basket instead. (the basket is open to hold all sorts of goodies)

This project was started and finished within the week...but I think it would make a fun summer vacation project!

There is plenty or tracing, cutting and simple sewing to keep all ages happy.

Each fruit, veggie and flower if stuffed with batting and looks great from the front and back. The main parts of the tree and garden have been satin stitched around the edges, and the flap for the hole is double layered and reinforced....Everything really has been made to top quality, yet can easily be done as a family project!

It's great that the kids can attach this to the bunk bed, and easily take it down....no need to use every blanket in the house now, not when you have your own bunk bed clubhouse!

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