Wooden Dolls

Crafting with kids can be so much fun! This craft will let you be extra creative while your children can be creative at the same time and they will both come together to create one amazing toy that you and your kids will treasure forever!

While you cut out, paint, and glue the actual wooden doll.

You and your children can cut out and design the clothes and accessories. And you can use the shaving cream technique together to create a tie-dye look.

And then your children can decorate the other items using foam stickers and crayons.

And it makes a perfect toy and project for on the go. Slide the doll into the first slot in an expanding file folder and behind it you can organize everything they need. Put in crayons, foam stickers, and extra blank clothes according to types; pant, shirts, dresses, shoes, etc.

Whether you have a boy or a girl, this toy and project will keep them entertained and creating for hours! And what a special time to spend creating with them! It's fun to see what their imaginations come up with! And the best part is the clothes stick to the wooden doll without any adhesive making it super fun, super clean, and super easy to play with!

The winning tutorial will include tips and tricks for cutting with your scroll saw, tips and tricks on tole paining techniques, and how to create the clothes, patterns for the clothes, and the shaving cream technique to create tie-dye clothes. And of course I will include in the tutorial boys clothing and instructions on turning your blank doll into a boy!

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