Fabric Scrap Bracelet

Upcycled. Recycled. Multi-Functional. Big. Bold. Beautiful. That's what it's all about. With Jewelry these days anything goes. I took an old belt and some fabric scraps and created a stunning bracelet.

The best part is that the flowers are detachable. You can exchange them in and out with many many others that I will show you how to create in the winning tutorial.
It doesn't stop there. Take the flower off of the bracelet and add it to your favorite ball chain to create an elegant necklace. Or take that flower and add it to a hair elastic to create pony tail jewelry. Or take the flower and add it to your favorite headband for a gorgeous hair jewelry piece.
It's amazing what you can create with items you have around the house. And with my interchangeable bracelet creation and scrap flower the possibilities are endless. At least 4 jewelry pieces in one!

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