Upcycled Bracelets

First you need a purse. I used a vinyl one. I picked it because I loved the color and it had the look of leather but was thin enough to sew.
Flowery Bracelet:
I started by making a leather band for the base. I folded in the sides of the strip of vinyl, tucked under the edge and sewed it up the middle. I didn't use pins or an iron I just held it in place as I sewed.
Then I sewed seams up the sides to flatten it out.
To make the flowers I cut five petal shapes. With the right sides together I sewed around the curve. Then I flipped them right side out.
I hand sewed the petals together. Sewing long stitches and then pulling them tight created the gathering at the center.
After pulling it tight I sewed the two ends together to make the flower. I sewed it into place on the band and used a wood bead for the center.
To make the rosettes I just rolled up a small strip of vinyl and sewed it together. I sewed it up by running a my needle back and forth through the middle and bottom.
Once I had all my flowers in place I added more beads to fill in gaps. I tucked the ends under and stitched them up. I used a Dritz snap set for my fastener.
Ruffled bracelet:
I started with a strip of vinyl. I folded in the sides, and sewed two long stitched seams down the center.
Then I pulled on the bottom (bobbin) threads. This creates the gathers. I gathered the band until it was the length of my wrist.
I cut out the the binding on the purse.
I then sewed it down the middle covering up the unfinished edges from the gather.
I finished the ends by sewing little strips of the vinyl on.
I attached this box clasp from an old necklace by sewing it into place.
Braided Bracelet:
I used the remaining three bindings from the purse to make this piece.
I lined them up and sewed the tops together.
I braided them and sewed the other end together.
Then I used this piece...
to finish off the ends.
The last step was sewing on a toggle clasp.

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