For Him - Week 5

Craft #1 - Golf on the Go - Shannon

Many of us have lots of Hims in our lives. Mine range from Young Hims, to Old Hims, to In-between Hims.

This week I decided to craft for my In-between Him. And like many he LOVES to golf. When you love to golf and when your walking destination ends at a park a putter, ball, and golf tee's usually come along. So I created Golf On The Go. Simply keep this baby by your back door or in your trunk and on your way out just grab it.

Trust me, He'll LOVE it!

The handle makes it very easy to carry while you are walking. And the cozy, which I made out of an old sweater, will be oh so kind to the actual golf club head.

When you get to the park, Slide your club out of the cozy and unsnap the roll up and inside you will find...

Your golf ball and tee's of course!

And just for your washing convenience, the roll up will come completely off the cozy. Which also makes it perfect for him when he wants just his club and cozy or just his golf ball and tee roll up!

Craft #2 - Little Man Shoes
- Sarah

Some dads might not readily admit to this, but I have heard from reliable sources that they like it when their boys dress like them! For such occasions I've made "Little Man Shoes" for a brand new 0-6 month old.
They are fashioned after Dad's favorite shoes, just in miniature! With hand stitching, grommets, and laces like the originals, your new little guy will be following in his Daddy's footsteps at an early age!

Craft #3 - Dino Land Suitcase
- Kalleen

My little guy loves dinosaurs. He can't get enough of them. I wanted to create a magical place for him to play with all his creatures.
Using an old suitcase, foam sealer and stuff around the house I made the perfect spot for his dinosaurs to roam.
It may not look like it, but the suitcase does close shut and can be tucked away under a bed. How ideal is that, it has it's own carrying case? The thing that I love about it is that everything but the dinosaurs are intact. There is no set-up, no take-down and no small pieces floating around the house.

Craft #4 - Monster Cloth
- Emily

I decided to interpret this theme with my little boys in mind! As I was contemplating my craft for this week, I was bathing my sons and I thought about how cute it would be to have a fun washcloth for them in the tub. I thought that if I had a cute washcloth, it would be much easier to get my kids in the tub for baths and that's how the Monster Cloth was born.

This set of four terrycloth washcloths were so easy to make, and they are so perfect to get those little dirty boys, clean!

Craft #5 - Sailboat Shower Curtain & Towels
- Kristin

Arrr Matey!

Calling all Captains! Get ready to set sail on the 'bubbly' sea. bring your floaty toys and your wash cloth!

Let the adventure begin for the little boys in your life with this Appliqued shower curtain and towels.

Your little captains will take adventure to the high seas every time they take a bath.

So when it's time to 'swab the decks' they may just listen!

Craft #6 - Guitar Case
- Jenny

For this week's challenge, I made a soft guitar case for my hubby. The durable exterior unzips to expose a plush sherpa lining. Freezer paper stenciling adds a personalized touch.

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