I am a modern girl with a FOLKSY heart, and mixing modern with folk...that's my kind of craft!

Once upon a time....Red and Wolfie skipped through the forest to find a patch of grass where they could play a friendly game of checkers.

This folk tale-inspired game makes a great gift or a fun conversation piece, and is a wonderful way to share the tale of lovely Miss Red and her "friend", Mr. Wolf.
I love to sketch up original graphics and incorporate them into a
project with a handmade look!

This game is a "simple sew" project and a fun way to use your "digi" skills. The game board is made from 4 sheets of printable canvas that I sent through my home printer. This tutorial includes a .png template for the game board. If Wolfie and Red aren't your tale, create a story of your own. Add some personalization, photos and designs, anything you'd like.

Tiny craft magnets, sewn in to the binding, holds the folded up game board together. Wolfie's furry pouch and Red's velvet purse, sit safely inside and keep all of the game pieces in place.

Perfect gift for a kitchy collector or story lover!

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