Modern Quilt

As I researched "Folksy", I found beautiful quilts at the American Folk Art Museum. My favorite quilt pattern is the double wedding ring quilt. I love the symbolism of linking circles, linking families, and eternity that it embodies. Piecing a double wedding ring quilt is quite difficult. So, I designed a piece of art that honors the double wedding ring quilt pattern, but with a modern twist.

I hand drew a pattern, and made an applique that recreates the effect of a double wedding ring quilt square.

I machine quilted the applique, and also quilted where the rest of the rings would intersect with the applique. I wanted to symbolize my little family with the applique, and our ancestors that came before with the quilted rings.

The rustic frame, with simple modern lines, sets off the design and elevates everything to a piece of art. I'm so excited to have this piece of art in my home!

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