Dessert Plates

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4 personalized dessert dishes
Make these for someone special . to treasure . forever
I don't know if it's happened at your house, but my fridge is starting to fill up with bridal shower invites. Yes ladies, wedding season is on the horizon here is a fun and personalized gift to give. Maybe you could monogram a few for your little sister's wedding or baby shower! These simple, white plates were purchased for much less than a dollar a piece. So with a million gift giving events coming up, you won't break the bank.

The process is simple. You'll need very few supplies and the best part....these cute designs are etched in to the plate a dyed with porcelain paint so they are dishwasher safe!!

Wrap them up in a cute little box for a fabulous gift or even an impressive shower favor!!
This craft is simple enough and kids can help.
We will be making these for our Grandmothers for Mother's Day.
Personalize these with Mom's favorite phrase or favorite flower!
Not sure you have a good idea for a design? Don't worry, I've got printable patterns and I can hold your hand every step of the way (there are only 3 steps, so it won't be too much hand holding!)

I love the dyed look!

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