Hanging Matchbox Organizer

Is your home overflowing with matchbox cars? After Christmas mine was! So, I wanted to make an organizer that would keep the cars accessible, and add some style to the boys' room. The car applique was inspired by the pocket fabric. I used freezer paper stencils for the wording, and to enhance to car applique. I made piping and sewed it around the edge to set off the silhouette of the hanger. There are seven pockets per row, so this particular length holds 42 cars. The back has an envelope closure, so that I can remove the hanger if I need to wash the garage. Best part, it hangs in the closet, or on a hook, and can be put away when not in use.

The Hanging Car Garage

Detail of the pockets and lettering

Detail of the car applique and freezer paper stencils.

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