King of New York Suit

"I'm the King of New York!"

Spring brings out dressy little outfits for girls in anticipation for Easter, but boys could use a new spring outfit too! This toddler suit was inspired by the turn of the century newsboys who sold newspapers in large cities--or I'm sure you've seen Christian Bale singing and dancing as Jack in the 1996 musical, Newsies.

I used 1 yard of the charcoal pinstripe fabric to make the trousers, vest, and hat. The white shirt was purchased. I used a pair of pants as the pattern for the trousers, and a boy's t-shirt as the pattern for the vest. The trousers have pockets and a faux zipper/ tab. To make it easier, these pants are elastic waist in the back to slip on and off so you don't have to deal with snaps and zippers on wiggly little guys.

My favorite feature are the suspenders! So easy to make, they cost less than $3.00, and you don't even sew buttonholes! You could make these snazzy suspenders to go with any pair of pants you already have. Of the 4 elements in this project, the suspenders are the most basic, but the best part in my opinion. If my husband would wear them, I'd make him a big pair. These suspenders don't even make it a hassle when you need to get the pants off-- just leave the suspenders attached and pull them down to the sides.

Snappy little suit for Easter, church or other dressy springtime occasions.

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